Clean Water, Healthy Land - for a Frack Free WA

Western Australia is on the brink of an explosion of shale gas fracking...

Shale gas fracking in Western Australia could pollute our groundwater with toxic chemicals and threaten the health of the community.

There could soon be thousands of fracking wells across iconic areas of WA, like the Kimberley, Ningaloo and farmland and wildflower country in the Mid West. Fracking will change these landscapes forever - covering them in a spider's web of risky gas wells, wasterwater ponds, pipelines and access roads.

Under state legislation, landowners can't say 'no' if a gas fracking company wants to drill on their land. Farms, native title land, and national parks are all up for grabs - open for business to the gas companies, regardless of the wishes of anyone else.

We know that sustained community action can slow the tide of development. Here you can get all the facts about fracking, find out what's happening in your area and take action. 

Now is the time for us to act - let's work together to protect our clean water and healthy land, and keep WA frack free.



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